Beta 11 - 29 Dec 2020

Changed user login mechanism


  • Login flow is now in-app vs a popup
  • Added additional fields to login page info

Beta 10 - 26 Dec 2020

Minor UI updates and bug fixes



  • Tool panel now has a "Copy all URLs" option
  • Can now immediately close a window by Cmd/Ctrl+clicking close
  • Can now "reset" or "clear" Recent Tabs


  • Login page now redirects to app for authenticated users
  • After importing tabs, the new window is now focused
  • Close window prompt now actually closes window
  • Fixed notifications window for text-only errors

Beta 9 - 24 Dec 2020

Added Accounts and Options



  • User account login
  • Update user
  • Forgot password
  • Delete account

User options


  • Options page
  • Feedback
  • Help links
  • Extension options


  • Moved options from Tool panel to Options page
  • Added additional icons to main navigation menu



  • New notifications system


  • All modals are now unified with rest of UI

Beta 8 - 21 Nov 2020

Added History, Search and Top Sites



  • History and Saved tabs added to left-hand panel


  • Recent panel now shows Recent, History and Saved
  • Left-hand panels are now scrollable


  • Audio updates now update tab correctly
  • Minor issues with Hide Current Tab



  • Filtering now reveals new Search section
  • Filtering now reveals new Top Sites section


  • Startup now works when there are no sessions



  • Debug mode now does not show in bundled extension
  • Dragging rich text links into CS now opens them properly
  • Drag and dropping rich text links now works as expected
  • Drag and dropping > 10 links now works

Beta 7 - 3 Oct 2020

Improvements to Recent Tabs and some critical bug fixes



  • Added user-configurable delay in registering active tabs after they are clicked
  • Recent Tabs can now be closed (vs removed from the list) by closing using Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Win)


  • Fixed various bugs with tabs not updating or being activated correctly
  • Closing tabs now does not send the next-activated tab top of list



  • Fixed window and tab bugs when dragging off-screen
  • Fixed scroll-snap bugs with long windows

Beta 6 - 27 Sept 2020

Some "nice to haves" and a bit of polish before the 1.0 release



  • Added new "count" UI controls
  • Added scroll-snap so workspace always scrolls to perfect positioning
  • Improved auto-column sizing routine for all screen sizes
  • Changed window drag area to window header only


  • Added keyboard cut and paste for tabs


  • Fixed “Copy URLs” bug for slept windows
  • Fixed display of missing icon in slept tabs
  • Fixed bug where window titles could be empty
  • Fixed tab link "no-focus" area (click icon to activate tab but not focus window)

Recent tabs

  • Moved Recent Tabs settings from panel icons to context menu options
  • Navigating from Recent Tabs now clears search filter
  • Closed, filtered Recent Tabs are now easier to read
  • Added "Clear tabs" option



  • Can now hit Enter in search box to select and open first filtered tab


  • Fixed searching multiple text fragments for > 2 fragments


  • Drag-and-drop text, or one or many files containing URLs, and they are opened in a new window

Options panel

  • Options panel opening / closing is now more intuitive

Context menus

  • Context Menus can now display SVG icons
  • Context Menus now support checkboxes
  • Refactored context menus to single global menu
  • Simplified pluralisation for multiple tab selection

Beta 5 - 21 Sept 2020

Fix issues with startup, sessions and recent tabs



  • Unloaded tabs now appear grey
  • Columns now optimise their widths to the available space
  • Site name is now replaced with URL when hovered or focused
  • Made dragging transitions smoother
  • Added "Detach Tabs From Here" menu item
  • Make "Select All" select by window, then workspace
  • Removed fade in/out from context menu

Bug fixes

  • Window names now correctly restore after browser restart
  • Window names now saved and restored if a closed window is restored
  • Fixed arrow keys not working in text inputs
  • Fixed double-click area to reveal active tab

Recent tabs


  • Complete refactor of Recent Tabs
  • Extension now tracks a configurable number (currently 150) of closed tabs

New tab (re-)opening strategy:

  • Show tab if it is currently open
  • If closed, check for tab in session and if found, reopen in previous position with previous history
  • If not found in session, create new tab from URL, attempting in previous position
  • Finally, just create new tab from URL in current window

New history functionality

  • List is now populated on browser open with history of open tabs
  • Reopened tabs include session history information if available
  • Tabs now indicate in tooltip how long ago they were visited
  • Duplicate closed items are automatically pruned


  • Removed (intentional) delay on updating tab list when activating tab

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed all bugs with tabs not reopening properly
  • Tabs and sessions now restore between restarts
  • Settings are now saved between reloads


  • Search now allows multiple text fragments, i.e. "git java"


  • Added initial support for user preferences
  • Many behind-the-scenes updates around stability and system integrity

Beta 4 - 1 June 2020

Polished release to testers


  • Simplified keyboard setup user experience
  • Added illustrated "How to" guide
  • Removed integrated Canny feedback
  • Added initial help panel and links


  • Added new Control Space logo
  • Changed icon set from Font Awesome to Unicons
  • Changed default body font from Source Sans Pro to Muli
  • Improved appearance of info toast



  • Made workspace (rather than window) scrollable
  • Fixed drag-to-scroll when dragging tabs near edge of workspace
  • Fixed scrolling when navigating tabs via keyboard
  • Changed auto-scroll to active tab only when window focused
  • Added double-click to scroll to focused & active tab

Drag and Drop

  • UI now updates instantly when creating new windows and detaching tabs
  • Fixed padding issue when dropping tabs to bottom of windows
  • Fixed grow/shrink animation when dragging tabs
  • Made "window drop" indicator more visible and intuitive when dragging tabs

Window / tab activation

  • Fixed update of focused windows
  • Fixed update of active tabs when moving tabs between windows
  • Fixed browser "New Window" keyboard shortcut (i.e. CMD+N) stealing focus

Window management

  • Added "Add window" button
  • Replaced "Close window" context menu item with window header button


  • Added toolbar selection indicator / clear button

Keyboard / mouse

  • Fixed clear selection > clear filter > hide panel escape key sequencing
  • Added "Rename window" keyboard shortcut
  • Added "Copy URLs" keyboard shortcut
  • Added mouse middle-click to close tabs
  • Changed content menu dismissal from mouseout to blur

Recent Tabs


  • Fixed search not clearing when navigating from recent tabs


  • Better keyboard shortcut management

Beta 3 - 18 Feb 2020

Initial release to testers

Customer success

  • New install splash screen
  • New setup process (will be expanded in the next couple of releases)
  • The 3rd-party Canny feedback website is now available inside the app


  • You can now drag and drop tabs to empty space to detach
  • Various improvements to make keyboard navigation and focus more intuitive
  • Focused and selected tabs can now be closed with Cmd/Ctrl+W
  • Recent tabs now start with the previous (not current) tab
  • Switching to the last tab is now simply Ctrl+Space > Down > Enter


  • Detached tabs on Windows now do not steal focus
  • Cursor keys now work when renaming windows
  • Setup process checks for misconfigured keyboard shortcut


  • Add changelog
  • Add new release script


  • Add shortcut keys for all systems to manifest

Beta 2 - 28 December 2019

Restart of development after 6 months away from the project


  • Add focus management and keyboard navigation
  • Add multiple selection
  • Add multiple tab move
  • Add ability to detach tabs
  • Add keyboard shortcuts

Memory management

  • Slept windows now need a click to wake

Removed features

  • Remove workspaces
  • Remove on-boarding


  • Improve background build process
  • Add TypeScript

Beta 1 - 28 April 2019

Initial release

  • Single workspace

Alpha - 13 Jan 2019

Proof of concept

Prototype - 18 Dec 2018

Browser experiment