Control Space 1.0 Beta 4

UX improvements

Version committed on May 1 2020

Release notes


  • Simplified keyboard setup user experience
  • Added illustrated "How to" guide
  • Removed integrated Canny feedback
  • Added initial help panel and links


  • Added new Control Space logo
  • Changed icon set from Font Awesome to Unicons
  • Changed default body font from Source Sans Pro to Muli
  • Improved appearance of info toast



  • Made workspace (rather than window) scrollable
  • Fixed drag-to-scroll when dragging tabs near edge of workspace
  • Fixed scrolling when navigating tabs via keyboard
  • Changed auto-scroll to active tab only when window focused
  • Added double-click to scroll to focused & active tab

Drag and Drop

  • UI now updates instantly when creating new windows and detaching tabs
  • Fixed padding issue when dropping tabs to bottom of windows
  • Fixed grow/shrink animation when dragging tabs
  • Made "window drop" indicator more visible and intuitive when dragging tabs

Window / tab activation

  • Fixed update of focused windows
  • Fixed update of active tabs when moving tabs between windows
  • Fixed browser "New Window" keyboard shortcut (i.e. CMD+N) stealing focus

Window management

  • Added "Add window" button
  • Replaced "Close window" context menu item with window header button


  • Added toolbar selection indicator / clear button

Keyboard / mouse

  • Fixed clear selection > clear filter > hide panel escape key sequencing
  • Added "Rename window" keyboard shortcut
  • Added "Copy URLs" keyboard shortcut
  • Added mouse middle-click to close tabs
  • Changed content menu dismissal from mouseout to blur


  • Refactored workspace dragging functionality to services
  • Removed emits in favour of direct calls to $workspace

Recent Tabs


  • Fixed search not clearing when navigating from recent tabs


  • Added global keyboard shortcut management


Jun 1 2020Improve UX of focusing active window
May 31 2020Add managed scrolling functionality
May 29 2020Complete onboarding
May 26 2020Remove files from mistaken amended commit
May 25 2020Feature tour
Apr 20 2020Add copy urls keyboard shortcut
Apr 20 2020Add rename window keyboard shortcut
Apr 16 2020Refactor hotkeys
Apr 16 2020Update extension icons
Apr 16 2020Update site logo
Apr 15 2020Add simple selection indicator
Apr 15 2020Fix selection > filter > hide escape key sequencing
Apr 15 2020Tweak window close button
Apr 15 2020Fix detached tabs regression
Apr 15 2020Fix recent tabs not clearing filter
Apr 14 2020Make closing windows easier
Apr 14 2020Fix new window focus
Apr 14 2020Refactor workspace services
Apr 13 2020Implement global keyboard shortcut manager
Apr 13 2020Improved visual feedback when dragging tabs to other windows
Apr 13 2020Fix tab drag transitions
Apr 12 2020Minor focusWindow() fix
Apr 12 2020Add window stacking mechanism and fix focus issues
Apr 12 2020Fix active tab indication when moving tabs
Apr 9 2020Improve perceived UI performance for new and detached windows
Apr 8 2020Add "Add window" button
Apr 8 2020Add middle-click to close tab
Apr 7 2020Fix workspace drag-to-scroll
Apr 4 2020Tweak publishing setup

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