Privacy Policy

Browsing Data

Control Space does not log, transmit or store any browsing activity or data outside-of the Chrome extension itself.

This includes URLs, tab titles or page content, in open tabs, history, sessions or bookmarks.

Control Space uses your browser's bookmarks to save data (as Saved tabs) which are stored on your local machine, but may be synced across your devices if you have enabled this in your Google Profile settings; refer to Google's T&Cs for more information.

Login Data

Control Space uses a third party Outseta to manage user accounts. Outseta securely stores your email address, password, name and optionally billing information. Some additional metadata is stored by Control Space to manage your account and the extension.

For more information, see Outseta's privacy policy.

Product Analytics

Control Space uses a third party Posthog to analyze user engagement and feature usage. Whilst your email address is associated with your product usage, no actual browsing activity is sent to Posthog; only how you use the product, what features you prefer, etc.

For more information, see Posthog's privacy policy and this blog post.

Chrome Permissions

When you install Control Space, Chrome will ask for various permissions:

Read and change your dataTabsDisplay page and site titles in the Workspace
Read and change your historyHistoryReview previously-visited tabs in the History panel
Read and change your bookmarksBookmarksSave and restore tabs in the Saved panel

The bottom line

We are concerned only with giving you a better tab management experience, and we neither require nor want your data to do that.