Privacy and Data Policy


We want you to be confident that Control Space respects your privacy and browsing activity.

This page will go into detail about what data is accessed and stored, locally and by third parties, and how and why it is used.

If you're short of time, know that:

  • Control Space does not log, transmit or store any browsing activity or data outside-of the Chrome extension itself
  • Some non-browsing data is sent to third parties for the purpose of user management, billing and product analytics

If you have any questions after reading this page, please email us at

Browser data

Chrome permissions

Control Space leverages the Web Extensions API to provide new functionality, and upon load will request certain "permissions".

It is important that you understand what these permissions are, and how they are used to provide the advertised functionality:

all_urlsRead and change all your data on all websitesSurface web page content for for organisation and search
TabsRead your browsing historyRepresent open tabs in the main user interface
BookmarksRead and change your bookmarksSave open tabs for the purpose of later search and retreival
HistoryRead and change your browsing history on all your signed-in devicesSearch and reopen previously-visited tabs
SessionsRead your browsing history on all your signed-in devicesView and reopen recently-closed tabs and windows

Browsing activity

As you can see from the table above, the permissions are extensive, though functionality is constrained mainly to display, organisation, and search. Critically, this information stays local; no browsing data (i.e. URLs, domains or web page content) is sent outside of the extension.


The exception to the above is if you sync your Chrome profile with another machine, as Control Space gives you the option to "save" tabs using bookmarks. So, if you save a tab as a Saved Tab it will be available on other machines if you log in to Chrome with the same Google identity (note that this is a feature, and not a bug!)

Local storage data

Control Space stores simplified versions of your windows and tabs within its local storage area. These are used to persist data across sessions as well as defend against crashes. This data can be deleted by resetting your user data from the Settings panel, or uninstalling the extension.

Third parties

User management

In order to log in and use the extension, you will need to create an account using your email address as your identifier.

Control Space uses a third party Outseta to manage user accounts. Outseta securely stores your email address, password, name and optionally billing information. Some additional metadata is stored by Control Space to manage your account and the extension.

For more information on how Outseta stores your data, see Outseta's privacy policy.

Product Analytics

In order to improve the product and see how features are being used, Control Space collects a limited amount of product analytics data.

Control Space uses a third party Posthog to store, review and interpret product analytics. Whilst your email address is associated with your product usage, no browsing activity (such as URLs, website domains, or screen recordings) is sent to Posthog; only a limited amount of metrics on how you use Control Space.

This includes how many windows and tabs you have open, how often you switch tabs, and whether you use Control Space or the browser. This information is recorded only when you are logged in to Control Space.

Note that in a future version of Control Space, a version of this data will be used to help you understand your own browsing behaviour, and help you keep your tabs and windows to a minimum.

For more information on how Posthog stores your data, see Posthog's privacy policy and this blog post.

Removing your data

Uninstalling the extension will remove internal configuration data, which may include a record of most recent windows and tabs.

If you saved any tabs using Control Space, they will be retained as browser bookmarks, and may be backed up Google .

Control Space account and billing data will remain with Outseta, and will be stored as part of the billing record.

Product analytics data can be anonymised or removed by request; please contact us using the email at the top of the page.

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