Various tab-related tools to make your life easier


On the right-hand side of the popup is the Tools panel:


Like Resources it is spring-loaded; hover over the panel icon to show, and click to toggle the lock.


The panel houses various early-stage tools to help you with your workflow (expect more to come!)

For the Workspace:

  • Share
    Share windows and tabs in different formats (see the Data section for more info)
  • Arrange windows
    Arrange Control Space and browser windows in different layouts (maximised, columns, etc)

For memory management:

  • Sleep unused tabs
    Sleep tabs you've not used in the last hour
  • Slow wake up
    Wake up tabs one-by-one so to not impact performance

For the application:

  • Options
    Edit Options, profile, etc
  • Reload
    Hard-reload the application if something has gone wrong
  • Log out
    Log out of your Control Space account