A unified search across open and closed tabs


The Search box allows you to filter all resources, such as open, recent, historical and saved tabs:


It is focused by default whenever the popup opens.

Filter tabs

As you type, items are filtered to the search term:


Control Space updates the UI to:

  • Filter Open tabs
  • Filter Recent, History and Saved tabs
  • Show the most appropriate Resources panel
  • Show Google Search and Top Sites
  • Show total results for each area (window, panel, section)

You can then target and switch to a tab of your choice, using:

  • your mouse, or
  • your keyboard, via Tab, Arrows and Enter


Filter algorithm

Filter by typing one or more word fragments separated by spaces:

  • type one word to filter from the URL or title
  • type multiple words to filter from the URL and title (in that order)

The space signifies an additional matcher, for example:

git(git) or (Git)Hub
git cloud(git) and /(cloud)flare or (Cloud)flare
gi cl(gi) or (gi) and (Cl)oudflare

Note that a more sophisticated matcher may become available in the future.


The shortcuts are designed to navigate to tabs or resources as quickly as possible!

From the focused Search box you can:

If pasting URLs, some additional work is done:

Additionally, see:

  • Common workflows to quickly get to the tab you want
  • Resources shortcuts to toggle the individual panels