Get the most out of your first-time experience

We want you to get the most out of Control Space from the moment you install it, but systems, browsers and personal preferences vary – so please do take a moment to review this page to check your system and our assumptions.


Check the shortcut key works

Control Space is effortless when triggered by keyboard shortcut.

However, some machines or installs don't pick up the "suggested" keyboard shortcut so it doesn't work out of the box. If that's you, then check the troubleshooting section.

Retain windows and tabs between sessions

Chrome can start with the same tabs you had open when you last closed your browser, which is useful when you've spent time organising them.

In Control Space:

  • click Tools > Settings > Chrome > Startup
  • change the option to "Continue where you left off"

Control Space

Showing and hiding the popup

Control Space is lives in a separate window, so it's always loaded, loaded once, and has room to display content.

Rather than looking to close Control Space, Control Space hides itself when you:

  • click a tab to navigate
  • use Ctrl+Space again to toggle
  • use Esc to cancel

Note that Control Space's memory usage is very low; keeping it open won't affect performance.


Adjust browser zoom to suit number of windows

Control Space uses browser "zoom" to to adjust the size of items on screen.

You can:

  • use Cmd+- to make items smaller (fit more windows and tabs)
  • use Cmd+= to make items larger (fit less windows and tabs)
  • use Cmd+0 to reset zoom to 100%
Adjust Display Density to suit number of tabs

Control Space can display more or less information depending on how focused you want to be.

You can:

  • use the Filter context menu to adjust a slider for more or less detail
  • use Cmd+[ to see less detail (shows less text, dims sleeping tabs)
  • use Cmd+] to see more detail (shows more text, display tabs normally)


Prefer stacking rather than full screen windows

Control Space works best when stacked on top of other browser windows.

Opening browser windows "Full Screen" then toggling Control Space will cause the entire desktop to slide in and out of view. If you don't mind that, then perfect! Otherwise, stack your browser windows and lean on Control Space to give you the visibility on tabs that you need.

Prefer same-sized browser windows

Control Space "hides" by having any other window taking focus.

If your windows are maximised or all the same size, it will "appear" that Control Space is hidden. If your windows are different sizes or positions, you'll notice that Control Space doesn't actually "close" but simply loses focus.

Configure Mission Control to group windows by application

Mission Control is a great way to view your open windows.

However, if you have a lot of browser windows, it can feel overwhelming. Luckily, you can group windows by application by going Apple Menu > System Preferences > Mission Control > "Group windows by application".

Note Mission Control's shortcuts Ctrl+/// fit nicely with Control Space's Ctrl+Space!

To find out what you can do with Control Space, see the Workflows section.