A list of your most-recently-used open (and closed) tabs


Recent tabs keeps track of any tabs you've shown, in the order in which they are shown:


It is designed to let you quickly navigate back to tabs you were on a few moments ago, but may have been in a different window, or such like.


Whilst Recent is similar to History, there are a few key differences:

  • it is the tab, not the page which is ordered in the list
  • a tab can appear only once in the list
  • shown tabs will be moved to the top of the list
  • only tabs you've spent a couple of seconds on will be moved
  • the first tab in the list is optionally hidden (as you are already on it!)


You can switch to a recently-used tab using a special shortcut key combo:


The primary workflow is:

  • Press Ctrl+Space to open Control Space
  • Press Down a few times to locate a recent tabs
  • Press Enter to open a tab

This allows you to flip between tabs without having to search or find the window.


Recent items have specific functionality:

Click the tab titleActivate (or reopen) the browser tab and focus it
Click the tab iconActivate (or reopen) the browser tab without focusing it
Click the close buttonClose the browser tab
Mod+Click the close buttonRemove the item from the list


The pane has some configurable options, accessible from the panel's hamburger icon:

Hide current tabThis makes it quicker to toggle previous tabs
Show closedRecently closed tabs are hidden by default
Show closed whilst searchingRecently closed tabs will show when searching
ResetReset to open tabs, or clear list


See the Resources section.