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Got questions?

Why pay for a tab manager?

Control Space is a professionally-designed and built, actively-developed product with industry-leading UI/UX. Your subscription funds R&D, continual improvement, regular releases, content and support.

Is it compatible with my browser?

Control Space runs happily on Chrome, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi and most Chromium browsers. It does not yet run on Firefox, and is not compatible with Arc... though you may consider coming back to Chrome for it!

What else does it do?

See the releases page for more info (a major release every six-weeks).

Is my data private?

100%. See our privacy policy here.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes you can; currently 14 days with no limitations.

How many tabs can it manage?

One of our regular users manages 500+ tabs daily. But the sweet spot is between 30 - 60 tabs across 3 - 5 windows; the perfect balance of overview and productivity... and we'll try to help you get there.

Does it do bookmarks?

Yes, and they're lovely! But they're limited to two levels deep right now due to legacy decisions around "saving windows and tabs". Full support is in development and should be public in Q2 2024.

Does it have dark mode?

Yes it does! And it's beautiful.

Can I use it in multiple browsers?

Yes, you can use it in multiple browsers or profiles.

What if I'm not quite ready?

Sign up below to the mailing list and/or follow @controlspace on Twitter.


Business grade quality for all plans.

Build a beautiful, modern website with our flexible Bootstrap components all built from scratch.

Built for developers

Landkit is built to make your life easier. Variables, build tooling, documentation, and reusable components.

Designed to be modern

Designed with the latest design trends in mind. Landkit feels modern, minimal, and beautiful.

Documentation for everything

We've written extensive documentation for components and tools, so you never have to reverse engineer anything.

"It was incredibly easy to post the unused apartment above my garage for rent and have since been paying my mortgage with the proceeds.”

Bill Callan

“If you're going on vacation, you might as well get paid while you travel! Share your home with others and return to a nice paycheck when you arrive home.”

Jacob Thornton