Navigate the workspace with keyboard, trackpad and mouse


One of Control Space's core tenets is flow.

The UI is designed as a single navigable canvas where you can "walk" the focus and take action using shortcuts:


Of course, you can also use just your mouse! Tabs are clickable and panels are spring-loaded; to open, hover over them with your mouse or walk into them via keyboard (see keyboard shortcuts, below)


Getting used to these shortcuts is key to developing a fast and efficient workflow!

To move between Search, Workspace and Resources, you can use just Tab, Arrows and Esc:

SearchTabJump to current tab in Workspace
DownWalk into Recent
EscClear Search > Close Popup
WorkspaceTabReturn to Search
Shift+TabJump to Recent
LeftWalk into Recent
ResourcesTabJump to Workspace
Shift+TabJump to Search
RightWalk into Workspace
UpWalk into Search
AnywhereEnterOpen focused item
ArrowsWalk focus
Page UpJump to first item
Page DownJump to last item
A-Z, 0-9, Del, BackspaceReturn to, and update Search
EscCancel operation > Return to Search

Note that all tab-like items across Workspace and Resources are navigable this way.

Trackpad and mouse

If you've more than a screen's worth of columns, trackpad is the easiest way to navigate.

Note that panning via mouse (i.e. dragging the background) is not yet implemented, so prefer trackpad or keyboard shortcuts to do this.

Canceling operations

The Esc key in Control Space will always cancel an operation, roughly in the following order:

  • Close Modal(s)
  • Clear Search
  • Clear Selection
  • Return to Search
  • Close Panels
  • Close Popup