Control Space 1.0 Beta 15

Added Outseta Auth and settings management

Version committed on Jul 27 2023

Release notes


  • Migrated auth, login and profile to Outseta
  • Added content scripts for



  • Settings page and Cmd+5 keyboard shortcut
  • Settings save automatically
  • Script to create schema from JSDoc comments


  • Smart titles
  • External search engine
  • Auto-open resources on filter
  • Clear filter on navigate

Form controls


  • Better labels, info and icon functionality


  • Moved to ui/form
  • Aligned layouts of UiLink and form controls
  • Consolidated multi-option controls into a single base


  • Ability to pass objects as values to multi-option controls


Aug 5 2023Fix slept tabs display state
Aug 3 2023Fix Resource Panel focus issues
Aug 3 2023Click window header to focus it
Aug 3 2023Merge only defined account settings
Aug 3 2023Add "Hide info" option for inactive tabs
Aug 3 2023Initial inactive tab settings and styling
Aug 2 2023Finish help content
Aug 2 2023Update NestedNavigator home / end behaviour
Aug 2 2023Improve slept selection performance
Aug 1 2023Implement scalable badges
Aug 1 2023Fix discarded tab selection and focus
Aug 1 2023Remove custom "slept" tabs functionality
Aug 1 2023Mix fixes
Jul 31 2023Refactor workspace hierarchy
Jul 31 2023Refactor workspace filtering
Jul 31 2023Refactor popup toggle to use default browser action
Jul 30 2023Rename "Share" actions to "Export"
Jul 30 2023Misc small UI fixes
Jul 30 2023Fix Resources Panel behaviour when auto-open is off
Jul 29 2023Make UiLinks behave like buttons
Jul 28 2023High-value setup tasks
Jul 27 2023Update version and release notes
Jul 26 2023Implement global settings
Jul 26 2023Fix window widths and build order
Jul 22 2023Upgrade @vue/cli-plugin-typescript
Jul 22 2023Temporary fix for TS build errors
Jul 21 2023Implement initial settings page
Jul 15 2023Implement outseta

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