Control Space 17

Multiline tabs, better titles, design refresh, extensive UI / UX improvements and fixes

Version committed on Dec 04 2023

Release notes



  • Added multiline titles
  • Overhauled title parsing algorithm
  • Added initial rules for common developer sites
  • Added independent settings for Workspace and Resources

Slept tabs

  • Can now double-click tab icon to wake, but not activate
  • Now shows any hidden info when searching
  • Can optionally show hidden info when
    • selected
    • focused


  • Added workspace "empty" state
  • Popup title is now correct with 1 window
  • Fixed bug with selection forgetting anchor after hitting Esc
  • Fixed tabs not moving to "New window" after choosing it
  • Fixed bug with "Export" shortcut not working in Saved tabs
  • Fixed bug with scrollbars appearing on sidebar during zoom
  • Fixed bug with triggering popup navigating back to main page
  • Fixed bug with Top Sites item sizing
  • Fixed bug with click-off not refocusing previously focused item
  • Fixed bug with focus being lost when deleting non-focused tabs
  • Fixed bug with focus being lost when sleeping tabs



  • Aligned font sizes across all items (tabs, saved, etc), links, and form elements
  • Increased "info" font size to make it more legible when zoomed
  • Changed body font from Muli to Inter


  • Updated panels and overlays to have rounded corners


  • Overhauled item normal, active, hover and focus combinations
  • Consolidated dropped-back sleeping / closed item styles
  • Updated selection styling to work with sleep options



  • Changed "Search..." prompt to "Type to filter..."
  • Resources panel now shows red dot if closed but has search results
  • Resources panel now remembers state between loads
  • Saved tabs now remembers the active folder between loads


  • Added Filter settings dropdown
  • Added "Display Detail" slider
  • Added "Display Detail" keyboard shortcuts
  • Changed "Delete" shortcut from Cmd+Backspace to Delete

Context menus

  • Added keyboard navigation to context menus
  • Added keyboard trigger (Alt+Enter) for items, inputs and forms
  • Added keyboard trigger (Alt+Shift+Enter) for windows and panels
  • Added ability to take slider controls



  • Moved Account Settings to Settings panel
  • Misc UI tweaks


  • Fixed intermittent context menu bug which caused it to not show
  • Fixed Help Toggle bug preventing tabs beneath it being selected
  • Fixed bug with Resources panel closing when context menu shown
  • Fixed UiTabs not identifying active tab
  • Fixed context menu alignment issue
  • Fix zoom / pixel density in windows


  • Tools > Export now only exports visible / filtered tabs
  • Tool Panel now always opens on Tools (used to stay on last-focused panel)
  • Added Performance option to Settings
  • Added "Demo" layout to Arrange Windows
  • Added "First use" notification popup
  • Added link to releases in Settings


  • Added privacy agreement page


Context menus

  • Migrated context menu state to store
  • rewrote context menu components


  • Added pseudo-focus capability to Refocus package
  • Added pseudo-focus capability to menu store


  • Added UiSlider component
  • Added UiMenuOpener component
  • Added PageLayout component
  • Added getDefaultName() utility
  • Added section type / style to UiGroup
  • Refactored InfoItem to flex to fill space
  • Refactored UiPanel to inject UiMenu using slots


  • Overhauled SCSS style files, variables, imports, etc
  • Removed various font family / size / weight decisions from components
  • Added initial appearance settings controls
  • Introduced initial theme files


  • Implemented new API
  • Implemented dev and staging fallback api urls
  • Implemented new account login flow


  • Moved user settings from User to User.Account
  • Added optional quiet flag to Account.saveSettings()
  • Refactored account settings to local settings
  • Implemented refresh token
  • Implemented Auth service


  • Refactored popup commands to allow launching the popup on a specific path
  • Introduced CommandSet type
  • Overhauled Settings framework
  • Added module init() hook
  • Migrate to new storage helpers
  • Simplify build scripts


  • Added initial product analytics


  • Simplify publishing pipeline


  • Fixed fast markdown conversion bug
  • Fixed migrations


VersionDateTitle 4 2023Simplify release scripts 3 2023Fix privacy agreement toggle 2 2023Fix migrations and add releases link to settings 1 2023Migrate to new storage helpers 1 2023Fix DAUs and update privacy policy 26 2023Implement refresh token 15 2023Fix focus bugs 15 2023Add product analytics 8 2023Fix numerous bugs 3 2023Early access tweaks 2 2023Refactor account settings to local settings 31 2023Simplify publishing pipeline 29 2023Add key-navigation to context menu 28 2023Optimise for Microsoft Windows 24 2023Add "first use" notification check 24 2023Simplify Display Detail slider 24 2023Add "demo" window layout mode 23 2023Overhaul font family and sizes across entire app 21 2023overhaul title and info display 10 2023Add application-level context menu shortcuts 7 2023Fix sidebar zoom bug 7 2023Display density improvements 7 2023Add keyboard interaction to context menu 6 2023Misc UI tweaks 6 2023Implement rounded panels and overlays 6 2023Add multiline titles for Resources 5 2023Fix miscellaneous bugs 4 2023Fix selection manager anchor bug 4 2023Migrate context menu state to store 4 2023Refactor display density to service 3 2023Add display density settings 2 2023Add multiline titles 30 2023Implement workspace empty state 30 2023Updated slept tabs options and selection styles 30 2023Show all tab info when searching 30 2023Misc tool updates 30 2023Improve slept tab peeking 29 2023Implement API-based login 22 2023Move AppSettings to User.Account

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