Control Space 1.0 Beta 6

Various UI / UX updates

Version committed on Sep 27 2020

Release notes



  • Added keyboard cut and paste for tabs


  • Added new "count" UI controls
  • Added scroll-snap so workspace always scrolls to perfect positioning
  • Improved auto-column sizing routine for all screen sizes
  • Changed window drag area to window header only


  • Fixed “Copy URLs” bug for slept windows
  • Fixed display of missing icon in slept tabs
  • Fixed bug where window titles could be empty
  • Fixed tab link "no-focus" area (click icon to activate tab but not focus window)

Recent tabs

  • Moved Recent Tabs settings from panel icons to context menu options
  • Navigating from Recent Tabs now clears search filter
  • Closed, filtered Recent Tabs are now easier to read
  • Added "Clear tabs" option


  • Can now hit Enter in search box to select and open first filtered tab


  • Fixed searching multiple text fragments for > 2 fragments


  • Drag-and-drop text, or one or many files containing URLs, and they are opened in a new window

Options panel

  • Options panel opening / closing is now more intuitive

Context menus

  • Context Menus can now display SVG icons
  • Context Menus now support checkboxes
  • Refactored context menus to single global menu
  • Simplified pluralisation for multiple tab selection


Sep 27 2020Fix linting, update manifest and changelog
Sep 27 2020Misc fixes
Sep 27 2020Fix closed recent tabs interaction styles
Sep 26 2020Fix tab link activation areas
Sep 26 2020Add drag and drop to import urls
Sep 26 2020Reduce window draggable area
Sep 26 2020Move recent tab controls to context menu
Sep 25 2020Refactor context menu to global component
Sep 25 2020Update options menu icon with CS icon
Sep 25 2020Refactored options panel menu interaction
Sep 24 2020Improve ui options
Sep 24 2020Add cut and paste tabs
Sep 23 2020Misc minor features and fixes
Sep 22 2020Improve navigation for first filter result
Sep 22 2020Make closed, filtered tabs easier to read

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