Control Space 1.0 Beta 3

Added setup process, drag and drop and UX improvements

Version committed on Feb 18 2020

Release notes

Customer success

  • New install splash screen
  • New setup process (will be expanded in the next couple of releases)
  • The 3rd-party Canny feedback website is now available inside the app


  • You can now drag and drop tabs to empty space to detach
  • Various improvements to make keyboard navigation and focus more intuitive
  • Focused and selected tabs can now be closed with Cmd/Ctrl+W
  • Recent tabs now start with the previous (not current) tab
  • Switching to the last tab is now simply Ctrl+Space > Down > Enter


  • Detached tabs on Windows now do not steal focus
  • Cursor keys now work when renaming windows
  • Setup process checks for misconfigured keyboard shortcut


  • Add changelog
  • Add new release script


  • Add shortcut keys for all systems to manifest


Feb 18 2020Release Beta 3
Feb 17 2020First run screen and keyboard setup
Feb 13 2020Add in-app feedback mechanism
Feb 13 2020Remove current tab from recent tabs
Feb 13 2020Focus first item when filtering
Feb 13 2020Add close tab keyboard shortcut
Feb 13 2020Fix misc navigation and focus bugs
Feb 12 2020Fix workspace initial focus weirdness
Feb 12 2020Fix initial workspace focus
Feb 12 2020Fix keyboard navigation from filter to recent tabs
Feb 12 2020Fix cursor keys when renaming windows
Feb 11 2020Fix window focus when detaching tabs on Windows
Feb 11 2020Send sleeping window backwards if there is history
Feb 11 2020Finish build process
Feb 10 2020Remove babel transpilation
Feb 10 2020Fix fg:serve script
Feb 10 20200031 implement live reload plugins
Feb 9 2020no message
Feb 7 2020Move manifest to root folder
Feb 7 2020Move 3rd-party resources to /public/vendor/
Feb 6 2020Fix manifest shortcuts and move manifest build to separate file
Feb 6 2020Add drag tabs to create new window
Jan 25 2020Release/beta 2

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