Control Space 1.0 Beta 1

Initial release with single-workspace functionality, fake log-in, etc

Version committed on Apr 28 2019

Release notes



Apr 13 2019Update manifest version
Apr 13 2019Add notifications
Apr 13 2019Add tab item drop placeholder
Apr 13 2019Convert audio animation to SVG file
Apr 9 2019Minor fixes
Apr 9 2019Add final tweaks for first beta
Apr 9 2019Fix ordering, naming and saving of workspace state
Apr 9 2019Make UiEditable editable from outside
Apr 9 2019Add info() method to models
Apr 8 2019Consolidate WindowItem headers
Apr 8 2019Numerous minor tweaks
Apr 8 2019Add UiEditable
Apr 8 2019Refactored UiMenuOverlay to be standalone
Apr 8 2019Massive refactor of workspace code
Apr 8 2019Refactor deferred functionality to @/api/tabs
Apr 8 2019Add initial menu and dropdown ui
Apr 2 2019Add overlay animations
Apr 2 2019Add IconMenu menu component
Apr 1 2019Maintenance tweaks
Mar 31 2019Update audio animations
Mar 31 2019Implement cancel dragging
Mar 31 2019Improve setup options with more information in text hints
Mar 31 2019Add UiOption and UiMessageBox components
Mar 28 2019Various tab tweaks
Mar 28 2019Updated audio feedback with animated icon and looping backgrounds
Mar 28 2019Various fixes and tweaks
Mar 28 2019Complete initial work for setup, including refactoring workspace(s) stores
Mar 27 2019Add color and size to UiIcon
Mar 26 2019Tidy up setup structure
Mar 26 2019Improve setup for workspace, windows and tabs
Mar 23 2019Fix misleading CommandBus error message
Mar 23 2019Add initial stab at setup module
Mar 22 2019Minor tweaks
Mar 22 2019Rename Ctrl + Space to Ctrl Space
Mar 20 2019Fix misc dragging issues
Mar 18 2019Fix openPage() functionality
Mar 16 2019Minor tweaks
Mar 16 2019Add supporting WIP deferred tabs code (might undo)
Mar 16 2019Add initial deferred window / tabs code
Mar 16 2019Refactor titles code
Mar 14 2019Add discarded workspace page functionality
Mar 14 2019Update build process so modules own their own assets
Mar 13 2019Simplified discarded window loading
Mar 13 2019Initial work to load window of discarded tabs
Mar 11 2019Refactor workspace bookmark services
Mar 11 2019Various fixups on Windows, Tabs, Pages, PageMenuItems etc
Mar 11 2019Rename stores
Mar 11 2019Add icons/processWorkspace command
Mar 11 2019Add support for loading status and command for sleeping windows
Mar 11 2019Add LoadingIcon component
Mar 11 2019Move all workspace wrapper code to controllers/wrapper.js
Mar 11 2019Optimize items CSS
Mar 11 2019Optimise folders and bookmarks code
Mar 10 2019Rename getWindowById to getWindow
Mar 10 2019Add support for discarding tabs
Mar 10 2019Convert and to window.windowId and tab.tabId
Mar 10 2019Fix some icon CSS issues
Mar 10 2019Add history to icons config
Mar 10 2019Fix "Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist" command bus errors
Mar 9 2019Optimise workspaces store
Mar 9 2019Tweak menu items content and interaction
Mar 8 2019Refactored window entities to folder entities
Mar 7 2019Tidy ups
Mar 7 2019Add processUrl to icon service
Mar 7 2019Move all API-related functionality to src/api
Mar 7 2019Minor tweaks
Mar 7 2019Add icon processing commands
Mar 6 2019Visual improvements to tabs
Mar 3 2019Add options for workspace scrolling
Mar 3 2019Add initial open windows code, including counts and badges
Mar 3 2019Move workspaces menu content to top level and add scrolling improvements
Mar 2 2019Improve link-item DOM structure
Mar 1 2019Workspace menu polishing
Feb 28 2019Minor menu tweaks
Feb 28 2019Add Workspaces menus
Feb 28 2019Add UiDimmer
Feb 28 2019Rename scss folder to styles
Feb 28 2019Minor tweaks
Feb 28 2019Make all collection functions consistent by allowing alternate keys to be passed in
Feb 28 2019Fix collection bug for existing items without ids
Feb 28 2019Refactor and simplify classes, markup and structure for tailwind css
Feb 27 2019Move global assets to content/
Feb 27 2019Add UiIcon component
Feb 27 2019Add tailwind
Feb 27 2019Minor fixes
Feb 26 2019Simplify font awesome assets
Feb 26 2019Assets update
Feb 26 2019Refactored all app-centric code and components to main content folder
Feb 25 2019Fix minor titles bug
Feb 25 2019Rename MessageBus to CommandBus and send() to call()
Feb 25 2019Prevent new tabs from showing in recent
Feb 25 2019Update workspaces with initial loading code
Feb 25 2019Minor tweaks and bug fixes
Feb 25 2019Simplify titles config
Feb 25 2019Tweaks
Feb 25 2019Convert media / player functionality from static to plugin
Feb 25 2019Minor bug fixes
Feb 25 2019Move site module to page and improve content loading functionality
Feb 23 2019Refactor user module to app
Feb 23 2019Rename app module to popup
Feb 23 2019Move TabFilter to its own module and implement recent items filter
Feb 23 2019Add initial doc comments to MessageBus
Feb 23 2019Rename all "services" references to "handlers"
Feb 23 2019Rename ServiceBus to MessageBus and update methods
Feb 23 2019Overhaul title and icon processing
Feb 21 2019Minor bug fixes
Feb 21 2019Add debounce to Storage set
Feb 21 2019Add initial site module
Feb 21 2019Tweak recent tabs to defend against bad data
Feb 21 2019Add module Context mechanism
Feb 20 2019Minor tweaks
Feb 20 2019Consolidated core bookmark functionality
Feb 20 2019Move old files to archive
Feb 20 2019Optimise tab title rendering
Feb 20 2019Misc small fixes
Feb 20 2019Add compact tab view switch
Feb 19 2019Add title heuristics and tweak tab titles design
Feb 14 2019Refactor last of content pages, components, store and routes to modules
Feb 13 2019Add initial login and workspace loading ui + code
Feb 13 2019Update existing styles to be more compatible with Spectre framework
Feb 11 2019Add Spectre CSS framework
Feb 11 2019Add extra features to recent tabs
Feb 11 2019Add ToggleIcon component
Feb 11 2019Remove makeTab and makeWindow in favour of Tab.create and Window.create
Feb 11 2019Item and Workspace list layout tweaks
Feb 11 2019Minor tweak to have recreate recent tab respect focus
Feb 11 2019Finish core recent tabs functionality
Feb 10 2019Improve TabItem icon and styling
Feb 10 2019Simplify single workspace saving and loading
Feb 10 2019Make more components and styles more modular
Feb 10 2019Move makeWindow and makeTab to workspace module
Feb 10 2019Rename workspaces folder to workspace
Feb 10 2019Tweaks
Feb 10 2019Improve window focus code
Feb 9 2019Various app tweaks
Feb 9 2019Add recent tabs list
Feb 9 2019Refactor workspaces to include workspace tab list and improve overall layout
Feb 4 2019Move utils around
Feb 3 2019Improve ServiceBus error message output
Feb 2 2019Initial commit to add workspaces functionality
Jan 30 2019Refactor functionality to modules
Jan 29 2019Fix and simplify window focusing / toggling
Jan 28 2019Decouple Workspace from SiteHeader
Jan 28 2019Prevent external drag and drop
Jan 28 2019CSS tweak
Jan 28 2019Optimise and simplify ServiceBus error logging
Jan 27 2019Decoupling core functionality to modules
Jan 26 2019Fix window focusing issue when moving tabs
Jan 26 2019Update webpack aliases
Jan 26 2019Add Workspace as a plugin
Jan 26 2019Misc fixes
Jan 26 2019Add ServiceBus error logging on sending and receiving end
Jan 26 2019Allow ServiceBus to call any depth of path
Jan 26 2019Add new object utils
Jan 26 2019Move all workspaces functionality to a module
Jan 24 2019Add features to various services and classes
Jan 24 2019Remove tabs store
Jan 24 2019Add window update and session save functionality to workspaces
Jan 24 2019Rename popup.js to loader.js
Jan 24 2019Improve ServiceBus functionality
Jan 24 2019Update components to work with new workspace classes
Jan 24 2019Update messaging to work with new workspace classes
Jan 24 2019Add Workspace, Window and Tab models
Jan 24 2019Update collection classes
Jan 22 2019Add initial browser classes and utils
Jan 20 2019Add initial page content functionality
Jan 20 2019Tidy up store, actions, commands, etc
Jan 20 2019Improve tabitem structure and functionality
Jan 20 2019Add localhost server configuration
Jan 18 2019Add dragging indicator to TabMatrix view
Jan 18 2019Add indication to URL on how popup was opened
Jan 18 2019Fix focused window in first open of popup
Jan 18 2019Simplified build, loading, saving and layout
Jan 18 2019Added background source maps
Jan 18 2019Maintenance
Jan 17 2019Minor usability tweaks
Jan 17 2019Remove old TabView components
Jan 17 2019Improve icon markup
Jan 17 2019Add initial audio feedback
Jan 17 2019Refactor TabsView:
Jan 17 2019Initial work on intelligent theme overrides
Jan 17 2019Another window update:
Jan 17 2019Re-enable window messaging / events
Jan 17 2019Simplify window mechanisms and squish pesky window bugs
Jan 16 2019Completed window management
Jan 15 2019Misc tidy-ups and tweaks
Jan 15 2019Refactor ServiceBus name format from service:command to service/command
Jan 15 2019Refactor window meta / data code
Jan 15 2019Add Session and Storage classes
Jan 15 2019Update build process with better folder structure
Jan 14 2019Performance tweaks
Jan 13 2019Minor tweaks
Jan 13 2019Moved all visual content to views/ folder
Jan 13 2019Implemented 2-way communication

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