Control Space 1.0 Beta 5

Refactor of Recent Tabs, various UX improvements, bug fixes

Version committed on Sep 21 2020

Release notes

Recent tabs


  • Complete refactor of Recent Tabs
  • Extension now tracks a configurable number (currently 150) of closed tabs

New tab (re-)opening strategy

  • Show tab if it is currently open
  • If closed, check for tab in session and if found, reopen in previous position with previous history
  • If not found in session, create new tab from URL, attempting in previous position
  • Finally, just create new tab from URL in current window

New history functionality

  • List is now populated on browser open with history of open tabs
  • Reopened tabs include session history information if available
  • Tabs now indicate in tooltip how long ago they were visited
  • Duplicate closed items are automatically pruned (configurable)


  • Removed (intentional) delay on updating tab list when activating tab

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed all bugs with tabs not reopening properly
  • Settings are now saved between reloads



  • Tabs now show their "unloaded" status by appearing grey
  • Columns now optimise their widths to the available space
  • Made dragging transitions smoother
  • Added "Detach Tabs From Here" menu item
  • Removed fade in/out from context menu
  • Make "Select All" select by window, then workspace
  • Replace site name with URL when hovered or focused

System restart

  • New bootstrap sequence restores / fixes window + tab data only on startup

Bug fixes

  • Window names now correctly restore after browser restart
  • Window names now saved and restored if a closed window is restored
  • Fixed arrow keys not working in text inputs
  • Fixed double-click area to reveal active tab
  • Fixed double-click in window title editing centering workspace
  • Search now allows multiple text fragments, i.e. git java


  • Added settings framework
  • Added background bootstrap
  • Added debugging module
  • Added fake browser test suite
  • Added migration routines
  • Refactor all commands/ and events/ files and folders under messaging/
  • Major refactor of Workspace and Recent Tabs to proper services and state
  • Move api/bus to @/packages/bus
  • Move core/services/ to @/core/common/services


  • Migrated to TypeScript
  • Fixed GitHub private package installation
  • Now skips Babel transformation for async/await
  • Added collection-fns
  • Remove console output in release build


Sep 21 2020v1.0.0 beta.5
Aug 18 2020Show url in tab when hovered
Aug 17 2020Fix create new window from panel
Aug 15 2020Add setting framework
Aug 12 2020Fix lingering bugs with Recent Tabs
Aug 9 2020Add bootstrap routine to fix browser restart issues
Jul 24 2020Fix recent tabs not opening on browser restart
Jul 11 2020Centralise and improve tab filtering
Jul 9 2020Fix first tab being removed when filtering recent tabs
Jul 9 2020Refactor recent tabs
Jul 1 2020Refactor window storage mechanism
Jun 29 2020Project maintenance
Jun 26 2020Remove missing publish dependencies
Jun 26 2020Fix windows forgetting their names
Jun 23 2020Skip babel async await transformation
Jun 23 2020Fix private package installation
Jun 23 2020Make "Select All" more intuitive
Jun 23 2020Add "detach tabs from here" menu item
Jun 22 2020Replace JavaScript fix with CSS fix
Jun 22 2020Fix dragging transitions
Jun 19 2020Migrate to TypeScript
Jun 17 2020Merge pull request #235 from likelylogic/0231-fix-arrow-keys-in-inputs
Jun 17 2020Fix arrow keys not working in text input
Jun 17 2020Merge pull request #234 from likelylogic/0226-beta-4-feedback
Jun 17 2020Prepare options panel for additional panels
Jun 17 2020Clarified tour text for recent tabs
Jun 17 2020Fixed double-click to reveal scroll area
Jun 17 2020Remove fade and scroll from UIPopup
Jun 3 2020Hide options panel on load
Jun 3 2020Beta 4 release
Jun 2 2020Window rename fixes
Jun 2 2020Replace Font Awesome with Unicons
Jun 2 2020Add initial help panel

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