Control Space 16

Improved Setup, Help and Workspace UX / UI and squished multiple niggling bugs

Version committed on Sep 3 2023

Release notes



  • Added more informative popup title
  • Renamed "Share" actions to "Export"
  • Close both sidebars using Escape


  • Clicking window header now focuses the window
  • Hovering over window title highlights window title
  • Hovering over window header highlights window outline
  • Prevented ordering windows when filtered


  • Added display options for inactive tabs
  • Added Enter and Shift+Enter shortcuts to wake and sleep tabs
  • Changed Home / End keys go to first and last tabs in window


  • Tab close button Click now removes related tab in workspace (use Mod+Click to remove from list)
  • Tab icon Click now focuses tab in workspace rather than activating it


  • Tab icon Click now focuses tab in workspace rather than activating it


  • Added setting to view folder content immediately on focus


  • Added optional 200ms delay to Search input


  • Made badge inversely scale so text legible at smaller zoom levels
  • Made form button appearance align better with the app
  • Made "link" buttons more easily clickable
  • Added tooltips to some UI controls


  • Refactor setup flow to let user start right away, or optionally modify defaults
  • Added checks and notifications for conflicting / preferred keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved prompts and images
  • Added keyboard shortcuts (Left, Right, Escape) to Tour
  • Added install and uninstall URLs
  • Updated example URLs



  • Added Extension Options, Shortcut and Setup links
  • Added "Reset and logout" button

Inactive tabs:

  • Added Show dimmed setting
  • Added Hide info setting


  • Added "double-click to locate current tab"
  • Added "double-click to clear selection"


  • Removed custom "slept" tabs in favour of native discarding

User success

  • Simplified Help popup
  • Opens release notes page on update Added custom support dialogs
  • Tweaked default account settings to make it simpler for new users
  • Saved Tabs is now populated with demo content by default
  • Add link to Chrome's "On Startup" settings


  • Fixed Resources Panel behaviour when auto-open is off
  • Fixed Workspace scrolling behind Resources when filtering
  • Fixed workspace scroll after ordering windows with keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed clearing filter on Search if setting is off
  • Fixed Move Tabs dialog showing wrong window names
  • Fixed Mac Ctrl+Click context menu detaching tabs
  • Fixed old-style slept tabs opening in Control Space popup
  • Fixed unloaded tabs showing wrong sleep/wake options
  • Fixed new Window incorrectly scrolling Workspace
  • Fixed new Window not being created after focused tab
  • Fixed hotkeys working when modals are showing
  • Fixed Down arrow from Search sometimes not opening Resources
  • Fix focus after Saved folder creation and deletion
  • Misc small UI fixes



  • Added UiAlert component
  • Added UiBadge component
  • Added <details> HTML element styling
  • Refactored UiLink to work as route, link, button or plain text
  • Enabled simple markdown to be passed to notifications and dialogs
  • Added new color options to UiIcon


  • Refactored workspace hierarchy and naming
  • Move filtered tabs computation from view to store
  • Move title text computation from window matrix to workspace
  • Changed popup trigger from custom command to default browser action
  • Added clicked property to NavigationEvent
  • Rename app store to account
  • Update Hotkeys package to filter by input selector
  • Made focus directive toggleable


  • Added checks for session validity, token validity and account stage


  • Overhauled build system


VersionDateSubject 3 2023Tweak for launch 3 2023Update tour 2 2023Make Tools and Settings pages the same width 2 2023Add link to Chrome's "On Startup" settings 2 2023Add Saved demo content in setup 2 2023Add custom support modals 1 2023Fix focus after Saved folder creation and deletion 1 2023Misc UX tweaks 31 2023Add sleep and wake shortcuts 31 2023Rename app store to account 31 2023Locate Recent Tab on icon click 30 2023Fix window creation bugs 30 2023Fix lingering scroll-snap bugs 30 2023Indicate window outline when hovering over header 30 2023Monitor user authentication 26 2023Fix bump build action 25 2023Make filter debounce optional 25 2023Implement user feedback tweaks 10 2023Build new release pipeline 10 2023Improved defaults for new users 10 2023Fix unloaded tabs showing wrong sleep/wake options 10 2023Fix Mac ctrl+click context menu bug 7 2023Begin Sprint 16.0.0

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