Control Space 1.0 Beta 2

End-of-year release, removed workspaces, fake log-in etc

Version committed on Dec 28 2019

Release notes


  • Add focus management and keyboard navigation
  • Add multiple selection
  • Add multiple tab move
  • Add ability to detach tabs
  • Add keyboard shortcuts

Memory management

  • Slept windows now need a click to wake

Removed features

  • Remove workspaces
  • Remove on-boarding


  • Improve background build process
  • Add TypeScript


Dec 27 2019Fix single tabs cannot be detached
Dec 27 2019Improve detaching tabs
Dec 27 2019Fix selection bugs
Dec 26 2019Add multiselect right click
Dec 26 2019Module dist assets not being copied correctly.
Dec 26 2019Improve background build process
Dec 26 2019Fix column reordering
Dec 25 2019Allow slept windows to wake only on click, Enter or Space
Dec 25 2019Improve window header interaction
Dec 24 2019Remove on-boarding process from application
Dec 24 2019Remove workspaces from Beta release
Dec 24 2019Implement multi-select and multi-tab move
Dec 21 2019Fix duplicate import
Dec 21 2019Merge branch 'develop'
Dec 21 2019Merge pull request #18 from likelylogic/0003-keyboard-interaction
Dec 21 2019Implement Focus Navigator in Workspace
Dec 21 2019Initial version of FocusManager package
Dec 21 2019TypeScript tweaks
Dec 15 2019Merge pull request #15 from likelylogic/0014-migrate-to-typescript
Dec 15 2019Add TypeScript
Dec 15 2019Update issue templates
Dec 15 2019Update issue templates
Dec 15 2019Update issue templates
Dec 15 2019Update issue templates
Dec 11 2019Refactor UiInput to forward all events
Dec 11 2019Add keyboard shortcuts tool
Dec 11 2019Linting fixes
Dec 11 2019Refactor Filter to Workspace
Dec 8 2019Add README files to project root and all modules
May 12 2019Add ui > window focus
May 12 2019Refactor data functionality to package
May 11 2019Remove right click from tab items
May 9 2019Updated window and tab closing mechanisms
May 9 2019Icon updates
May 7 2019WIP of switching workspaces
May 6 2019Simplify defered workspace markup
May 5 2019Content, icon and other minor tweaks
May 5 2019Add rename and remove functionality to workspaces. Also move some functionality to store
Apr 29 2019First attempt at loading workspaces
Apr 29 2019Add utility functions
Apr 28 2019Prep for workspace switching
Apr 28 2019Minor updates
Apr 28 2019Update icons
Apr 23 2019Initial attempts at updating bookmarks
Apr 23 2019Add WindowData state class
Apr 23 2019Core class tweaks
Apr 22 2019Update setup to work with workspace refactor
Apr 22 2019Update workspaces to work with workspace refactor
Apr 22 2019Refactor workspace architecture ready for multiple workspaces
Apr 22 2019Improve site title parser
Apr 22 2019Asset tweaks
Apr 22 2019API and utils tweaks
Apr 22 2019Rename all module entry points to main.js
Apr 19 2019Fix window UiInput tabbing order bug
Apr 14 2019Add validation to UiInput prompt
Apr 14 2019Lots of tweaks
Apr 13 2019Ensure recent tabs panel opens when a tab is focused

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