Control Space 18

Tighter integration with bookmarks and new organisational features

Version committed on Dec 27 2023

Release notes

Name changes


  • "Saved tabs" are now "Bookmarks"


  • "Save" is now "Bookmark" / Cmd+B
  • "Export" is now "Share" Cmd+S


Tab states

  • Duplicate tabs are identified with a mauve striped background
  • Bookmarked tabs identified with a bright yellow ★
  • Open resources (Bookmarks, History) are identified with a striped grey background


  • "Open" tabs now use a "page" icon
  • "Bookmarked" tabs now use a "bookmark" icon


Duplicate tabs management

  • Tab context menu has a "Close duplicates" option
  • Toolbar now has a "Duplicates" button:
    • Shows number of duplicate tabs
    • Click to close all duplicates

Improved Bookmark dialog / folder picker

  • Toggle between workspaces and folders
    • Use the shortcut Alt+3
  • Filter folders and bookmarks:
    • Toggle with the shortcut Cmd+F
    • Or, whilst the columns view is focused, just type
    • Type / to filter folders
    • Hit Esc to clear then cancel

Improved Move Tabs dialog

  • Dialog now uses columns view
  • Can move tab to window or tab position
  • Supports filtering (same as Bookmark dialog)

Simplified Selection

  • Simplified selections; you can now select only tabs or only bookmarks at one time
  • Cancelling (Esc) now clears clipboard and selection

Better Copy and Paste

  • Universal Clipboard; you can now cross-copy to/from tabs/bookmarks
  • Copy now available as shortcut (Cmd+C) and menu item


Bookmark panel

  • "Saved" button now displays "Workspaces" or "Folders" accordingly
  • Added workspaces toggle button

Locate open items

  • Alt+Click any Recent, History or Bookmark items' icon
  • Or use the shortcut Cmd+L

Simplified Edit and Rename

  • Actions have been consolidated as "Edit" (Cmd+E)
  • You can edit Bookmarks, Folders, Windows – even Tabs


"Loaded tabs" indicator

  • New toolbar control indicates:
    • number of loaded tabs
    • low and high indicators (set at 20 and 50 tabs)
  • Click the control to sleep all but the last 10 visited tabs

"Slow wake-up tabs" tool

  • Now has a "Cancel" option



  • Control Space no longer hijacks the native close keyboard shortcut


  • Organised popup into sections and added Release Notes




  • Emojis now stripped from tab titles
  • Audio animation now stops when sleeping audible tabs
  • Waking tabs no longer modifies history
  • Fixed New Window duplicate tab bug


  • "Select All" toggle now works correctly on filtered windows
  • Window now no-longer draggable via window menu icons


  • "Export" now correctly exports filtered content
  • Fixed bug with scrolling to top after a drag/drop
  • Fixed bug with Folder Picker not focusing first input


  • "Locate" now only shows if tab is bookmarked
  • "Locate" now replaces "Bookmark..." if already bookmarked
  • Folder Picker defaults to last-saved folder
  • Fixed bug with Locate not always working
  • Fixed bug with column size when not showing workspaces


  • All items now show default cursor on the icon



  • Refactor ToolbarControl and ToolbarCount components
  • Minor tweaks to UiColumns
  • Prevent Enter key prematurely firing a Click event in UiMenuItem


  • Remove user module
  • Migrate debug module to sandbox
  • Remove options page


  • Refactor items to items module
  • Extract WindowMatrix to simple component
  • Refactor models to support metadata
  • Implement tab metadata
  • Add state mediators


  • Refactored bookmarks to use pending state

Services, models and packages

  • Refactor Clipboard to items module
  • Refactor Selection to store
  • Refactor Dtos


  • Add ops CLI tool
  • Fix version numbers in CLI
  • Inject isClient into build


VersionDateTitle 27 2023Add filter to Move Tabs dialog 27 2023Add filter to Move Tabs dialog 25 2023Bug fixes 25 2023Bug fixes 25 2023Fix Move Tabs columns bug 24 2023Improve Move Tabs dialog 24 2023Bug fixes 23 2023Overhaul item location 23 2023Consolidate naming, icons and actions 22 2023Misc bug fixes 22 2023Re-enable native close shortcut 22 2023Tweak icons 21 2023Fix Choose Folder focus bug 21 2023Clarify item naming 21 2023Implement universal clipboard 21 2023Simplify clipboard and selection functionality 17 2023Show open tabs in saved 17 2023Simplify url functions 16 2023Misc bug fixes 16 2023Prevent modifying history when waking tabs 14 2023Add "Active Tabs" toolbar control 14 2023Add Choose Folder filter 14 2023Identify saved tabs in Workspace 14 2023Add duplicate tab management 14 2023Add state mediators 11 2023Implement tab metadata 8 2023Refactor workspace and item components 6 2023Remove old code and add new ops scripts 5 2023Add workspace toggle

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