Control Space 1.0 Beta 14 and 14.1

Improvements with focus, cancelling, UI options, keyboard shortcuts and additional tools.

Version committed on Sep 28 2021

Release notes



  • Focus is now retained after dragging tabs to other windows
  • Focus is now retained after closing tabs or saved tabs


  • Save dialog now correctly tabs to active item
  • Modals and context menus now return focus to app after closing
  • Resource panel now stays open when showing modals


  • Modals and optional messageboxes (confirm, prompt) are now cancellable via esc or click off
  • Mandatory messageboxes (alert, success) are not cancelable and prevent esc and click off
  • Options Page is now cancelable via esc
  • Global cancelling / closing order (via esc) now works as expected:
    • close modals
    • clear search
    • clear clipboard
    • clear selection
    • focus search
    • hide resources
    • hide Control Space


  • Added slight delay to closing sidebars when rolling off toolbar buttons
  • Tools panel now closes after using a tool



  • Enter now picks the best tab in this order: Workspace > Resources > Google Search
  • Cmd+Enter will now instantly open a Google search


  • "Select All" is now "Select all / none" (and "Select None" has been removed)

Choose Folder dialog

  • Hotkey Cmd+R has been added to "Rename / Edit Tabs"
  • Hotkey Cmd+Enter has been added to "Save and Close"

Saved Tabs

  • Added hotkeys for all context menu commands
  • Added hotkey Cmd+A to "Select all / none"
  • Added hotkey Cmd+N and context entry to add new workspaces and folders


  • Added "Nudge" shortcut (Alt+Arrows) for tabs and windows


  • Added all keyboard and mouse shortcuts
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Help and Shortcuts pages
  • Added Cmd+Click action to jump directly to shortcuts
  • Added help shortcuts tip to help toggle component
  • The panel now remembers pages / sections between opens
  • The panel is now lockable



  • Added item-specific, 2-color icons throughout the UI
  • Rearranged context menu item order to go: save > tools > modify > close

Moving items

  • Fixed moving tab selections
  • Tabs can now be nudged using Alt+Arrows
  • Windows can now be nudged using Shift+Alt+Left/Right


  • Better "New Tab" functionality when using keyboard shortcut
  • Courtesy notification when dragging undraggable items


  • Added "Find similar" shortcut (Cmd+F)
  • Added "Rename tab" shortcut (Cmd+R)
  • Added "Undo close" shortcut (Cmd+Z)
  • Added "Arrange windows" tool

Website tracking

  • Open tabs display URLs stripped of tracking parameters
  • When sharing or saving, URLs tracking parameters are stripped for good


  • On first sleep, the application shows a note about waking tabs before uninstalling
  • Added global "Sleep unused tabs" tool
  • Added global "Wake tabs slowly" tool

Choose Folder

  • "Edit Tabs" link has been changed to an inline button
  • "Rename" modals now show "Edit" buttons and spawn "Edit details" modals

Locating Items

  • The action "Reveal" has been renamed to "Locate"
  • If a Tab or Window isn't already saved, the notification shows "save" and "filter" options
    • Clicking "save" opens the Save dialog
    • Clicking "filter" filters Saved Tabs to the same domain (i.e.


  • Added "Existing folder" warning when window name is the same as existing folder
  • "Select All" toggle now respects ui.highlight
  • The select "select tabs" action now longer shows when saving new folders
  • Fixed a bug where detaching a single tab would fail
  • Fixed moving tab to same window
  • Fixed flickering in the UI when multiple tabs are detached
  • Fixed contrast of checkbox icon in context menus
  • Fixed shortcuts panel not showing full-height when interface is zoomed
  • Drag and drop bug where tabs dragged to an empty area can't be re-dragged


Sharing tabs

  • Overhauled sharing (removed close options, added formatting options)
  • Formatting options are now URLs, Text, Markdown, Paragraphs, Bullets and JSON
  • JSON format enables full import and export of any data structure
  • Sharing slept tabs now shares the unslept URLs


  • When pasting a single URL, it is sanitised and used as filter
  • When pasting multiple URLs, they are opened in a new window
  • When importing text, an attempt is made to parse the window title from the text
  • When importing files, the window title is taken from the file name
  • When importing JSON the user is taken straight to the save dialog


  • Added "Copy title data" development tool
  • Added "Reload extension" functionality (hotkey Shift+Cmd+R)



  • Added new UiTabs component
  • UiMessagebox now splits text with newlines in to paragraphs
  • UiInput now has a secondary "action" button
  • UiDialog is now lockable
  • UiModal now picks up on alternative submit actions
  • UiForm now emits submit event and passes the keyboard event, so we can test for modifier keys
  • UiIcon now has [data-name] hooks
  • UiIcon color defaults to auto which respects 2+ color icons
  • UiTabs now handles content via default slot


  • Modals are now cancellable by default
  • Refactored UiLinks to use the same API as UiMenu
  • Moved panel state to Panel subclass
  • UiLinks now emits action and done events
  • UiNotifications was refactored:
    • signature is now only object or title, text, icon / type
    • actions, icon, name and id are now top-level properties
    • removed name property in favour of id
    • durations are now in seconds


  • UiColumns now won't focus disabled columns
  • Fixed missing validation check in UiMessagebox prompt



  • Wrote new hotkey handling system
  • Added mac:|win: preset to filter by platform
  • Improved getShortcutText() to handle platform and multiple shortcuts
  • Added getMouseText() to handle mouse shortcuts
  • Added more data-* hooks on HTML
  • Added "Export Hotkeys" tool
  • Modals now block document-level hotkeys
  • Added all mouse and keyboard shortcut configurations
  • Updated handleEvent() algorithm to prevent browser defaults in inputs if a hotkey would have handled it
  • Added "global" hotkey *


  • Refactored App to @/modules/app
  • Refactored core to be more lightweight
  • Updated app-wide aliased paths
  • Simplified ContentContext and all module install functions
  • Tidied up main content/* entry points
  • Separated application and vendor style injection


  • Enable Navigator focus transitions to work from unmanaged elements
  • Simplified Navigator setup and mounting
  • Added refocus functionality


  • Added deep watch
  • Added syncSettings() helper to quickly bind arbitrary sub-properties


  • Add isMounted() DOM helper


  • Added new universal Data Transfer (DTO) format


  • Added Refocus package
  • Added arrows filter to Hotkeys package
  • Changed Setting to store as settings/<name>


  • Added Outliner service


Sep 28 2021Release v1.0.14.1
Sep 28 2021Fix non-updated windowId when dragging tabs to empty space
Sep 28 2021Minor features in response to user feedback
Sep 27 2021Fix flickering detached tabs
Sep 26 2021Beta 14 pickups
Sep 24 2021Prevent resources panel from closing when showing modals
Sep 24 2021Add nudge tabs keyboard shortcuts
Sep 23 2021Fix ordering of multiple tabs
Sep 22 2021Update icons
Sep 22 2021Organise context menus
Sep 22 2021Fix rename tab bug
Sep 22 2021Add rename tabs tool
Sep 22 2021Add "Find similar" tool
Sep 22 2021Add undo close keyboard shortcut
Sep 22 2021Beta 14 pickups
Sep 21 2021Fix last workspace focus issues
Sep 20 2021Improve single URL import
Sep 18 2021Refactor notifications
Sep 17 2021Remove all typeof 'undefined' comparisons
Sep 17 2021Add coloured icons
Sep 16 2021Add missing dialog types
Sep 15 2021Fixed bugs with preventing global hotkeys when in modal forms
Sep 15 2021Add DTO functionality
Sep 7 2021Fix select all when using highlight mode
Sep 7 2021Multiple useful focus fixes, and various nice UI tweaks
Sep 5 2021Fix old and add new shortcuts
Sep 5 2021Refactor module setup to use simpler context helpers
Sep 5 2021Move app-centric code to modules
Sep 4 2021Add sleep tools
Sep 4 2021Add keyboard shortcut page
Sep 3 2021Large UX update fixing many focus and hotkey issues
Sep 1 2021Better support for saved tabs
Aug 31 2021Clean URLs of tracking parameters
Aug 30 2021Add URLs and JSON formats to Share tool
Aug 30 2021Rewrite keyboard shortcut handling code
Aug 26 2021Beta 13 pickups
Aug 25 2021Improve reveal / locate functionality
Aug 25 2021Improve Choose Folder dialog

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