Control Space 1.0 Beta 10

Minor UI / UX updates

Version committed on Dec 26 2020

Release notes



  • Tool panel now has a "Copy all URLs" option
  • Can now immediately close a window by Cmd/Ctrl+clicking close
  • Can now "reset" or "clear" Recent Tabs


  • Login page now redirects to app if user can be authenticated
  • After importing tabs, the new window is now focused
  • Close window prompt now actually closes window
  • Fixed notifications window for text-only errors


  • Added bundle analyser
  • Swapped randomstring package for random-string for much reduced bundle size
  • Added session expiry tools


Dec 27 2020Add sign-up button to home page
Dec 27 2020Additional Beta 9 bug fixes
Dec 27 2020Fix erroneous route guard optimisation
Dec 27 2020Fix beta 9 launch bugs

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