Control Space 19

Stabilisation, refactoring, fixes... and dark mode

Version committed on Feb 21 2024

Release notes



  • Added "Dark" theme
  • Tweaked "Light" theme colours
  • Dark theme can now be toggled from the top of the Tools panel


  • Filter input and Resources panel now line up visually
  • Clipboard icon now indicates cut / copy state
  • Window and panel menus now hidden unless hovered
  • YouTube tabs no longer show badges (temp fix)


  • Added options on what mechanism to use to toggle and place the popup
  • Added options on what the workspace should focus on when shown
  • Changed "Folders / Workspace" toggle to Alt+Cmd+3

Tools and options


  • Added "Arrange Windows" in Microsoft Windows
  • Added ChatGPT and Perplexity to Search


  • Added "Theme" dropdown with options for "Light", "Dark" or "Auto"
  • Added "Snap to columns when scrolling" checkbox to toggle scroll-snapping
  • Added "Reveal on open" dropdown with options for "Focused Window", "Current Tab", or "Nothing"
  • Added "Toggle mechanism" options for "Focus/Blur" or "Minimise/Restore"
  • Added "Remember size and position" option


  • Moved sign-up to website

Bug fixes


  • Fix popup occasionally opening twice
  • Attempted fix for windows forgetting their name


  • Fixed intermittent workspace scrolling / snapping bug
  • Fixed workspace column ordering / scroll snapping bug
  • Fixed Display Detail shortcuts Crtl+[/Ctrl+] on Windows
  • Fixed Double-Click tab to wake, then activate
  • Fixed GitHub icon in dark mode



  • Remove all Vue.prototype and this. references
  • Refactor core dependencies as @/content exports
  • Add $ aliases for all modules
  • Add $ aliases for all dialogs
  • Standardize imports


  • Flatten module content structure
  • Refactor messaging as handlers
  • Consolidate api structure
  • Rename dist to assets


  • Migrate $stack to /shell
  • Migrate *Data classes to /items


  • Update assets with light and dark versions
  • Remove unused assets


  • Refactor /popup to /shell
  • Consolidate popup and stack code
  • Remove special item ids
  • Migrate to new messaging bus


VersionDateTitle 21 2024Update hashing algo 21 2024Move sign-up to site 12 2024Add ChatGPT and Perplexity to search 8 2024Fix intermittent scroll snap bug 8 2024Fix scrolling when opening panel or locating recent tab 8 2024Fix window snapping bug 1 2024Fixes and tweaks 29 2024Less burgers! 28 2024Fix route transition bug 27 2024Add fast theme toggle 25 2024Implement dark mode 25 2024Fix login 21 2024Tweak Toggle Workspaces shortcut 11 2024Migrate to new messaging bus 8 2024Fix wake / activate tab 8 2024Remember popup size between loads 8 2024Attempt to fix windows forgetting names 8 2024Overhaul popup and stack 6 2024Add options for popup toggle 5 2024Refactor popup to shell 5 2024Tidy API 4 2024Add global dialog helpers 4 2024Remove special item ids 3 2024Simplify API 2 2024Refactor stack location 30 2023Standardise imports 30 2023Refactor global entry points 29 2023Flatten module structure 29 2023Refactor messaging / handlers

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