Control Space 1.0 Beta 12.1 - 12.4

Added Saved tabs and all associated UI controls

Version committed on May 26 2021

Release notes

Resources Panel


  • Panel pages can be shown and toggled with keyboard shortcuts
  • Double-click panel navigation buttons to toggle panel lock


  • "Data Panel" is now the "Resources Panel"

Saved tabs


  • Initial version of Saved Tabs
  • Added "Save Window" context menu and dialog
  • Added "Save Tabs" context menu and dialog
  • Added drag and drop to and from workspace (folders and bookmarks)
  • Added cut and paste within and to and from Workspace
  • Added optional footer area to Saved panel
  • Added context menu
  • Added keyboard navigation
  • Added multiple selection
  • Added rename multiple items
  • Added new folder creation
  • Added explicit title / description via title // description


  • Saved folder setup now shows folder path


  • Can now soft-focus bookmark items
  • Can now add chrome:// bookmarks
  • New folder setup in bookmarks bar subfolder fixed
  • Saved tabs now show proper empty states



  • History now has date groups
  • History items can now be deleted



  • Added "Save Window..." and "Save Tabs..." context menus
  • Added "Move tab..." context menu item to move Tabs to other windows
  • Added Resources Panel lock toggle to Toolbar
  • Added Toolbar labels
  • Copy Links now allows you to close the tabs you copied


  • Changed Toolbar icons
  • Context menu and icons optimised
  • Copy URLs is now Copy Links
  • Improved Tools Panel appearance
  • Improved Panel toggle / locking actions



  • UX to cancel selection is now a double-click
  • "Copy Links" is now labeled as "Share Links"


  • Removed "close warning" when pressing



  • Added UiColumns component
  • Added UiTree and UiTreePicker components
  • Added UiField component
  • Added UiGroup component
  • Added UiRadios component
  • Added UiInfoBlock component
  • Added UiSidebar component
  • Added CollectionCount component
  • Added "success" UiMessageBox type
  • Added toggles for enabling resources and tools


  • Notifications are now interactive
  • $mount() can now take a component definition
  • Modals now return an object with action and value fields
  • UiInput can now be debounced
  • UiInput now has an errors field
  • UiPills can now be rounded and animated
  • UiPanel is now used for all panels and also windows
  • UiEditable now has a "button" mode
  • UiEditable can now be edited to be empty
  • Component names are now more consistent: to Panel > Page > Content > Folder / Item


  • Can now use Enter and Escape on all dialogs
  • Major refactor of drag and drop to new global package with additional functionality
  • Tab is now trapped inside modals
  • Tree views now open to selected paths
  • Tree views now maintain open folders when filter changes



  • Added Storybook
  • Added Vee Validate


  • Server now runs on port 8001


Jun 3 2021Release Beta 12
May 26 2021Beta 12 pickups
May 21 2021Add new folder creation to Saved Tabs
May 18 2021Major Saved Tabs refactor
May 8 2021Refactor resources panel
May 8 2021Fix resource panel hover
May 8 2021Refactor panels
May 6 2021Implement dragging saved folders and bookmarks to workspace and windows
May 6 2021Add ability to drag a bookmark folder to a window
May 5 2021Add drag and drop for multiple selection
May 5 2021Enable pills to be rounded or animated
May 5 2021Add drag and drop to and from Saved Tabs
Apr 30 2021Add context menus Saved Tabs
Apr 29 2021Configure Saved Tabs keyboard navigation
Apr 29 2021Fix misc bugs
Apr 27 2021Add toolbar
Apr 27 2021Add Save Window and Save Tabs functionality
Apr 19 2021Add Resources Panel "pinned" icon
Apr 19 2021Implement saved tabs

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