Control Space 1.0 Beta 7

Minor UI, UX and bug fixes

Version committed on Oct 3 2020

Release notes



  • User configurable delay in registering active tabs after they are clicked
  • Recent Tabs can now be closed (vs removed from the list) by closing using Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Win)


  • Various bugs with tabs not updating or being activated correctly
  • Closing tabs now does not send the next-activated tab top of list



  • Fixed window and tab bugs when dragging off-screen
  • Fixed scroll-snap bugs with long windows


Oct 3 2020Update manifest and changelog
Oct 3 2020Fix recent tabs timer and scroll snap bugs
Oct 3 2020Enable tabs to be closed from Recent Tabs
Oct 2 2020Add timer / delay before registering active tabs in Recent Tabs
Oct 1 2020Closing tabs does not send the next-activated tab top of list
Oct 1 2020Fix dragging with autosized columns

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