Everything you want to know regarding the security and privacy of your data

Browsing data

Control Space does store, transmit or log any of your browsing activity or data; that includes open tabs, history, bookmarks, etc. With GDPR laws the way they are, we don't want to take any risks, so we don't do anything with it other than build the UI.

Saved tabs are stored as browser bookmarks, and those are stored either on your local machine, or across your devices if you sync your Google account with the cloud; anything you agreed to in your browser's T&Cs will apply here.

Login data

Control Space uses a third party Outseta to manage user accounts, and only your email address, name and password are stored. For more information, see their privacy policy.

Chrome permissions

When Control Space installs, Chrome will ask for various permissions.

The table below lists the warnings and explains why the permissions are needed:

Read and change your dataTabsDisplay rich tab information in the Workspace
Read and change your historyHistoryReview previously-visited tabs in the History panel
Read and change your bookmarksBookmarksSave and restore tabs in the Saved panel