Control Space is optimised for efficient workflows, so here's a page of tips to help you get the best out of the product.





Showing and hiding the interface

Get into the habit of using Ctrl Space to show the Control Space window.


You can then navigate to a tab by:

  • clicking it using your Mouse
  • navigating to by hitting Tab, Arrows then Enter

Or return to the tab you were just on by:

  • hitting Ctrl Space again
  • hitting Esc

There's no need to close Control Space; just leave it open so navigation and tab management is instantly available.

Searching tabs

When Control Space opens you'll see all your tabs but also the Search box will be focused:


To find any tab, all you need to do is start typing, for example g o:


Then use Tab, Arrows and Enter (or your Mouse) to navigate to the tab and open it.


Revisiting tabs

Often, you'll want to go back to a tab you were on a few seconds or minutes ago.

Control Space makes this easy by adding these tabs to your Recent Tabs list which is positioned right below the Search input.

As soon as Control Space shows, hit the Down Arrow and you'll be able to select the tab you want then hit Enterto navigate:


Note that Recent Tabs are also filtered when you type to Search!


Organising tabs

You can Click + Drag to move tabs within and to other windows:


You can:

  • order tabs within the same window
  • move tabs to other windows
  • detach tabs to new windows by dragging them into empty space

You can also detach focused or selected tabs:

  • using the keyboard shortcut Mod D
  • by right clicking and choosing Detach Tab

Working with multiple tabs

Just like your desktop, you can use Mod / Shift + Arrows and Mouse to select multiple tabs:


Once selected just Click + Drag to move:


Note that you can combine selection, filtering and actions, for example, moving all GitHub tabs to a new window:

  • type g i t to filter
  • hit Tab to focus Current Tabs
  • hit Mod A to select all filtered tabs
  • hit Mod D to detach selected tabs to a new window

Organising windows

You can Drag windows to reorder them:


You can Click window titles to rename them:



Managing memory

You can put tabs to sleep by Right Clicking on a window, tab or selection of tabs and choosing Sleep Tab:


When a tab is slept, Control Space loads a "placeholder" page that takes up very little memory, but still shows the right title and icon.

To wake a sleeping page:

  • Right Click the window or tab and choose Wake Tab
  • navigate to the page and Click to reload it
  • navigate to the page and use your browser's Back button

Copying URLs

Right Click any window, tab or selection and choose Copy URLs to copy the titles and URLs to the clipboard:


Right now, URLs are copied in Markdown list format, but future releases will allow you to customise this.

Next steps

Check out Control Space's extensive list of keyboard shortcuts.