Keyboard Shortcuts

Control Space is heavily-optimised for keyboard navigation.

This makes it super-fast to find and switch tabs for:

  • laptop users
  • users with large monitors
  • power-users
  • shortcut junkies

To get the best out of Control Space you should at the very least learn the basic navigation shortcuts.

Note that some actions, such as showing context menus and reordering windows can (for now!) only be done using your mouse.



Filter or navigate immediately upon opening Control Space:

Start typing...Filter tabs
EnterActivate first result
TabGo to Current Tabs
Down ArrowGo to Recent Tabs
Esc (when filter active)Cancel filter
Esc (no filter active)Hide Control Space


Jump between sections, navigate tabs and switch between websites:

ArrowsNavigate tabs
Home / EndGo to start or end of section
EnterOpen tab
Tab / EscReturn to Search
Start typing...Return to Search and start filtering
Mouse over Recent TabsToggle Recent Tabs
Double click empty spaceCenter and focus current tab



Navigate, organise and interact with tabs:

Click tab textOpen tab
Click tab iconActivate tab
Click tab close buttonClose tab
Click+Drag tab or selection verticallyOrder tabs in window
Click+Drag tab or selection horizontallyMove tabs to new window
Click+Drag tab or selection to empty spaceDetach tabs to new window
Middle Click tabClose tab
Right Click tabShow tab context menu
Mod TOpen a new tab
Mod BackspaceClose tab / selection
Mod Shift TReopen closed tab
Mod DDetach tab / selection
Mod XCut tabs
Mod VPaste tabs
Mod UCopy selected tab's URLs


Order and rename windows:

Mod NAdd window
Click+Drag windowReorder window
Click window titleRename window
Click window menuShow window context menu
Click window close buttonClose window

Whilst editing a window title you can type:

EnterAccept your edit
TabAccept your edit and jump to next window title
EscCancel your edit


Select multiple tabs, then move, drag, close, show the context menu etc.:

SpaceToggle selection of focused item
Mod + ArrowsExpand / contract single tab selection
Shift + ArrowsExpand / contract multiple selection
Mod ASelect visible tabs in window > workspace
Mod Shift ADeselect visible tabs
EscCancel selection
Mod+ClickExpand / contract single tab selection
Shift+ClickExpand / contract multiple selection
Click outsideCancel selection
Right Click selectionShow selection context menu