User Interface

To get the most out of Control Space, it's important you understand the two fundamentals of its design:




The main interface area in Control Space is called the Workspace:


It has three sections:

  • Search
    Instant search and filtering of open and recent tabs

  • Current Tabs
    Overview and organisation of open windows and tabs, with windows shown as columns, and tabs as items

  • Recent Tabs
    Easy access to last-used and recently-closed tabs

The following sections will provide a bit more information.


In the text box at the top of the page, you can type to filter the visible tabs:


This input is automatically focused each time Control Space is shown, so you can just start typing to filter.

Current tabs

Your current windows and tabs are shown as a 1:1 matrix of columns and items.

Interaction with tabs in both the browser and the workspace update the other in real time:


Tabs in the workspace show:

  • Simplified text - site titles are optimised for readability rather than search engines
  • Notifications – if a tab has notifications, it will show a badge
  • Audio – if a tab is playing audio, it will animate


Recent tabs

This is a list of the tabs you accessed, in the order you accessed them:


It saves a lot of time when revisiting tabs you were on a moment ago, rather than looking for them in the current tabs matrix.

  • Each time you open or access a tab, it will jump to the top of the list
  • Deleted tabs will be greyed out
  • Clicking a tab will open it


Control Space supports both mouse and keyboard navigation, and is heavily optimised for keyboard users.



Next steps

Check out some workflows to learn how to use Control Space like a pro!